Which Post workout supplements and low carb protein powder to consume?

While pre-workout supplements are made to give you an instant dose of energy, making workout sessions longer, maintaining muscles, and preventing muscle glycogen depletion, the post-workout supplements are important for muscle recovery and muscle building.

The post-workout supplements like glutamine, BCAAs, casein protein, etc. are very popular. They are known to help muscles recover fast and also increase muscle synthesis. The people who take Glutamine as a supplement regularly has expressed that their muscles do not pain on the following day as compared to the times when they did not take it. The post-workout supplement helps the muscles break down and re-grow. The post-workout supplement aids the recovery process and enables the athletes to continue their training without stopping due to the strain and stress.

There are many post-work-out supplements available in the market and online. They may have different timings and schedule to take them. For example, it is suggested that Glutamine must be taken after a workout session before going to bed. Casein protein is also taken before going to bed because it takes a long time to digest itself. BCAAs or branch chain amino acids must be taken during the day after a workout session.

They may have different doses also. Though it is highly recommended that one should not consume more than 4 scoops a day. The best dosage is two scoops a day. One can be taken during a workout and one after the workout. If you want to enhance your muscle mass, you must take Post-workout supplements along with whey protein. What and how much supplement must be taken depends on your athletic goal and exercise routine.

Low carb protein powder can help you perform to the peak. Prefer a brand that makes it with natural content and has an added glutamine. It is available in different flavors so that you can pick your favorite flavor to mix it up with your drink to create a tasty drink or recipe.

There are many benefits of the Low carb protein powder such as:

  • It aids muscle building and recovery
  • Helps fulfill the daily protein need of the body
  • Manages an optimum weight
  • Keeps you full between the meals
  • Maintains the health of the muscles especially as we grow older

You can take Low carb protein powder after your workout session or after any strenuous physical activity. You can also take it when you wake up in the morning or between the meals. You can mix a scoop of this powder with 6 ounces of water or any other drink to have it.

Do not forget to take the advice of your trainer or the doctor before consuming the same.