October 2, 2023

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Tighten Up That Skin with Tummy Tuck In New Orleans

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Achieve Firmer Shape with Tummy Tuck in New Orleans – Fashion Cluba

We sometimes have this loose and excess skin in our abdominal area that we want to go because it hinders us from weaning the clothes we want to wear and it tampers with our confidence. No need to fear, you could tighten up that loose skin with tummy tuck in New Orleans. The  tummy tuck in New Orleans would be able to remove some of the fatty tissues that you want to go, and tighten up your muscles, making it appear much smoother.

How To Find The Right Surgeon In New Orleans For Your Tummy Tuck Procedure

When you are choosing the right surgeon to work within New Orleans, you have to make sure that they are board-certified (meaning they have a certificate by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons), they have completed at least 6 years of surgical training and medical school, they have passed the written and oral comprehensive exams, they have graduated from an accredited medical school, they are continuing to complete their medical education, and they have performed surgery in facilities that are accredited, has their stat license, and they are medically certified.

Facts About Tummy Tuck in New Orleans

  1. They are both for men and women

Tummy tuck is a procedure that both men and women could get, even though it is usually associated with a “mommy makeover” which is a procedure that moms get to get the shape of their bodies back after giving birth to their child. Men would also be able to use this procedure to wrestle with their abdominal area so that they would achieve a more toned and fit physique,

In general, the people who are great candidates for a tummy tuck are those people who are close to their goal weight. If you are a person who is not satisfied with how they physically look because of the small pockets of fat that won’t disappear, a tummy tuck might be the perfect procedure for you. 

  1. It’s not a weight loss solution

A tummy tuck procedure is not a weight-loss procedure, though that may be a positive side effect that may come with it. It’s a body contouring procedure which means that it’s meant to help shape your body the way you want it to look.

  1. There is more than one-way
  • Full Tummy Tuck

The full tummy tuck would be able to help you shave about 2 to 4 inches off your waistline. They are going to make an incision between your hip bones and remove some of the excessive fats and skin that you have in your lower abdomen.

  • Mini Tummy Tuck

As for the mini tummy tuck, you are going to have a smaller incision in your bikini line that is only a span of 4 to 8 inches, targeting your smaller pockets of fats.

  • Limited Tummy Tuck

The limited tummy tuck is similar to the mini tummy tuck, the only divergence is that it has a longer incision, but not so much. 

  • Extended Tummy Tuck

If you give this excessive skin through your abdomen, then the extended tummy tuck might be a great option because it could help in removing severe loose skin from your torso.

  • Reverse Tummy Tuck

Last but not least, we have the reverse tummy tuck. This is where your surgeon would create an incision by your bra line and remove some of your excess skin and fats from your upper torso.

  1. You need some downtime

After your procedure, you are going to have to take several weeks to bounce back and do your everyday activities, and you might even have to take a few days off from work for your body to better recover properly.

You are going to talk to your surgeon about this, before and after the procedure, but you might want to get someone to help you around the house and avoid vigorous activities for at least 4 to 6 weeks.

  1. There is minimal scarring

Your surgeon is going to have to make a few incisions, depending on the type of procedure you are going to take, but the incisions your surgeons are going to be making would be leaving little to no scarring at all. 

If ever there are scars, they are going to be made in places where it would be hidden when you wear your bathing suit and when you are in your underwear so you won’t have to worry trying to cover it up.

How Safe and Effective is Tummy Tuck in New Orleans?

The tummy tuck is a relatively safe procedure, it is a procedure that has been done multiple times to multiple people so if you are worried about whether it’s safe, it is. But there are some risks that you might have, including anesthesia, infection, poor wound healing, skin loss, bleeding, and scarring. 

These are something you have nothing to worry about though since any of your concerns and the possible risks would be discussed with you prior to your consent. If you have any questions and concerns, you could turn to your surgeon and they will address all of them directly.