The Purpose of Evidence Based Protocols in New York

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More  and more people are suffering from depression and anxiety due to the challenging lifestyle in New York. Especially in these pandemic times where competition at work is intense and some think that they are not good enough that’s why they are losing their jobs. Some people are strong enough to catch up with the adjustments of today’s society while some people can’t. Each person has a different perspective in life and that’s why each person has different ways of handling situations. For some psychological treatment it can be helpful, that’s why evidence based protocols in New York are formulated by psychologists to aid people who need help in coping up with depression or other personal issues they can’t tackle. 

Reasons Why People Need Evidence Based Therapy 

Tried and Tested 

Methods used in evidence based practice in psychology  are based on the treatments done and recorded to certain individuals who are experiencing similar situations. People have different issues but they are somewhat similar in patterns and that’s how evidence based treatment is determined if they can be used to a certain individual. This is how they study the human mind and behavior, they observe how people react to methods and they are recorded to prove that it does help in addressing cognitive and behavioral issues. 

People Need Changes 

Most people’s issues can be addressed once they can change the way they think and behave. For this to happen people have to undergo therapy where they can train their minds to  change their perspective and put it into action. For instance, depression is caused by negative thoughts that lingers in  persons mind due to this they tend to do things that are not right like for example suicide. To be addressed this therapist will suggest channeling their thoughts to a more positive perspective in order to avoid depression. 

People Need Professional Intervention 

People are not capable of overcoming their emotions, sometimes that can be the cause of their issues. Therefore therapists were trained to be able to aid people suffering from Cognitive Behavioral or other mental issues. As they say there will always come a time when a person needs the aid of an expert, a therapist will be your best refuge if you feel that something is odd. People may think some of their emotions are just normal but when it interferes with their life progress then there is something not right. 

Types Evidence Based Treatment in New York

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy 

Before a person’s issue can be fixed he needs to accept that something is not right. This is the first thing a patient should understand. Thay have to accept that their ways are wrong and that they can commit to follow the advice their therapist will give in order for them to change for the better. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT is a good approach as an evidence based treatment for depression. In cognitive behavioral therapy , it includes training the mind to have control over your emotions once you can control your thoughts and emotions. Once both emotion and thoughts are controlled you can then control what action you have to do . For instance in depression, if you can stop your thoughts from thinking of the things that make you depressed , you will not feel sad and will not think of doing bad things that can destroy your life. 

Dialectical behavior Therapy 

This is evidence based psychotherapy that focuses on borderline personality disorder. That’s why it needs a lot of interaction with your therapist. This can address mood disorders,  changes in behavioral patterns and substance abuse. These issues are related to depression and are therefore effective to treat it too.  

Evidence based protocols in New York are used to aid people who have personality and mental issues. They know the struggle people have to support  them,  evidence based practices in psychology are done by therapists to patients to help them in overcoming the issues they have. Depression can start from small issues and it can get worse and lead to something undesirable. Therefore fixing it as early as possible will be best. Evidence based treatments are continuing to be studied inorder to handle more cases that people are experiencing now due to the pressure of life.