Spiritual memoir will tell of faith, pilgrimages, mental health, ‘life interrupted’

“They say you produce from your own daily life and generate what you know,” suggests Susan Cushman.

Her 1st novel tells the story of a younger woman escaping abuse in a religious cult, then getting herself enveloped in artwork. A short story tells the tale of a young lady at St. Jude who is healed by a weeping icon. Other is effective tell of mental wellbeing, adoption, caring for a beloved a person with Alzheimer’s.

And her new e-book, “Pilgrim Interrupted,” is crammed with threads from her lifetime that readers will experience throughout the 35 essays, three poems and 5 excerpts from her novels and short tales.

There is certainly the tale of her pilgrimage to the Island of Patmos, traveling to the Cave of the Apocalypse in which St. John was provided the Ebook of Revelation and exactly where Cushman’s pilgrimage was “interrupted.”

And there’s the tale of her journey into Japanese Orthodoxy, even studying to write “the life of the saints in colour” as she painted icons like people that appeared in her church, St. John Orthodox Church.

“Pilgrimages. Orthodoxy. Icons. Monasteries. It’s all in listed here,” reads the back again go over. “But so are tales about psychological well being, caregiving, demise, spouse and children, and writing, including a segment on ‘place,’ a critical component in Southern literature. And how is Susan’s pilgrimage ‘interrupted’? By lifestyle by itself.”

Susan Cushman stands in the church she attends, St. John Orthodox Church, with her book Pilgrim Interrupted on Wednesday, Might 25, 2022, at in Memphis. A majority of Cushman’s reserve is rooted in her religion.

Born in Jackson, Mississippi, Cushman grew up composing. She has a shoebox of letters she wrote in the 1950s and 1960s that she despatched to her grandmother, telling her everything, “together with matters you would not inform your very own mother,” she said. The letters explained to of her first kiss, fights with her brother, and continued till she married.

“I compose to understand my daily life and what has occurred to me and for healing,” Cushman explained. “It is very cathartic. Writing is pretty cathartic and I hope there’s an factor of therapeutic that goes all through all my perform as nicely.”

But it was not until finally 2007 that she began her website “PEN and PALETTE,” posts on which would develop into the foundation for her memoir “Tangles and Plaques: A Mom and Daughter Confront Alzheimer’s.”

Married to an Orthodox priest, Cushman still left the Presbyterian faith of her childhood for the Japanese Orthodox Church in 1987, the calendar year before she moved to Memphis.

An overall segment of “Pilgrim Interrupted” is about “Icons, Orthodoxy, and Spirituality.”

Icons are spiritual functions of art, generally depicting Christ, Mary, saints and scenes from Scripture. They fill the walls and ceilings of Orthodox churches.

“Icons have been known as the gospel in colour. They of course serve specially in the earlier communities the place people today have been not literate. Several of them tell the stories,” Cushman claimed. “When I was studying it I discovered myself getting a complete new amount of worship.”

For many years, Cushman wrote icons, educating courses and even using on commissions. She at some point retired from composing icons, concentrating on producing with words and phrases full time starting off in 2010.

It is an icon of Christ unveiled through brushstrokes that is highlighted on the go over of “Pilgrim Interrupted.”

In the end, her new book is “a personal memoir as properly as a spiritual journey,” Cushman mentioned.

In it, she hopes people “can discover a evaluate of healing and encouragement to have their personal spiritual pilgrimage, no matter whether it’s physical or just reading and praying.”

Launch at Novel Memphis

“Pilgrim Interrupted,” a religious memoir, will be unveiled Tuesday, June 7 with a launch at Novel Memphis at 6:00 p.m. Novel is situated at 387 Perkins Extension, Memphis, 38117.

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