February 7, 2023

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Reasons to get in touch with a social security disability lawyer

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5 Reasons to Hire a Social Security Disability Attorney in Andalusia

If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness or a severe injury that has left you disabled due to which you are no longer able to work, you can ask for benefits. In this case, it is called a social security disability benefit. The disability application process can be quite confusing and filled with uncertainty. In such a scenario, it is necessary that you hire a social security disability lawyer. The lawyer will guide and assist you through the entire application process such that your application is accepted. The lawyer will also fight for you in case you are denied the social security disability claim. 

Reasons to get in touch with a Bentonville social security disability attorney:-

  • Prepare for an initial claim: Having a lawyer by your side will ensure that the application contains all necessary information that will maximize your compensation. The lawyer will also make sure that you do not have a long waiting period to receive the benefits. The attorney will also file all the necessary documents and paperwork so that your application is not delayed or rejected.  
  • Filing appeals: Social security applications are often denied and therefore it leads to several appeals. Preparing for appeals is extremely important if you want to receive benefits. Your lawyer will ensure to prepare for appeals in the best way to achieve a positive outcome. Also, these appeals have strict deadlines to be adhered to. A lawyer is experienced in this process and will ensure all appeals are filed within the deadline.
  • Represent at court hearing: Your lawyer will represent you if you have to appear before the judge in court. They will prepare you for the hearing and how to answer the questions. The lawyer will also make the opening statement and present the closing argument on your behalf. 
  • Help in brief-writing: Some cases get dragged to the federal court in the form of appeals. This requires extensive legal brief-writing. Such a legal brief can only be prepared by a social security disability lawyer who has extensive knowledge about social security benefits law. This will increase your chances of winning the battle.

If you have a disability that impacts your daily life and work, you should definitely hire a reputed social security disability lawyer. They will help you decide if you qualify for  Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). The benefits that you will receive from these claims will improve your life and help you concentrate on your mental well-being too.

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