September 25, 2023

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How to Keep Your Colorful Nursing Scrubs From Fading

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So you just purchased those new pair of dark blue scrubs or new chocolate-brown scrubs and want to make the bold color last. How will you wash them?

Read the labels on them carefully. Most labels will recommend you wash your darks separately from light colors and in cold water. Ever wash a dark red garment with white and see the white turn to red or pink? Always wash the colors in cold water to prevent fading. Washing in cold water also prevents shrinking of your cotton scrubs.

Turning the scrubs inside out will help reduce pilling which can dull the look of the scrub fabric. You continue to keep them inside out in the dryer or outside in the sun which can also zap their color quickly. Both washing and drying can be rough on your scrubs causing more wear and tear.

Keep your laundry to small loads. Loading up the washing machine can also be rough on the fabrics and your washing machine as well. Some scrubs will not come as clean or have soap that is not evenly deposited throughout the wash cycle. The fabrics need to move freely about during the wash cycle.

Washing on gentle and short cycle are some more ways to be sure your colors will not fade and last as long as they possibly can as well as preventing shrinkage. You may also use some special detergent such as Woolite, Dreft, Tide or Cheer Color Guard formulated to prevent colors from fading. (Find detergents that do not contain optical brighteners)

Another way to prevent fading is to add vinegar to your wash. One cupful will help stop fading and also is a natural fabric softener. The smell will not be retained after washing your scrubs. The vinegar is to be added during the rinse cycle.

And don’t forget the dryer. Over drying your nursing scrubs will also cause your colors to fade. You should remove them when they are slightly damp. If you hang them out to dry, remember the sun can bleach your colors over time.

If you really love your color scrubs you can always brighten them up by re-dying them with fabric dyes.

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