September 25, 2023

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Eye Sight – Improve Eyesight Naturally and Regain Your Vision

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Eye sight is God’s extraordinary gift, without it human life would be drastically different, but ironically, people are generally paying less attention to their eye condition.

We use our eyes everyday and every time, even when we are asleep our eyes keep moving around. Very rarely we think about what we should do to our eyes, to keep it healthy and in great shape.

Modern people are very different from ancient human or people who are still living in the wilderness. Since our early age, starting from elementary school, our eyes were forced to work within limited range of distances, for years, we spend most of our time inside a room; such as classroom or inside a house. Our daily activities are also rely heavily on the use of eyes for close range vision, such as reading, watching TV, playing video games etc. Even when we go outside, if we live in a dense urban, our eyes vision are constrained or blocked by buildings and other objects. Therefore it is make sense that people who live in the wilderness generally have sharper eye sight.

If experiencing a decline in the eyes performance, only two options are available for most of us, those options are to wear glasses/contact lenses or surgery. The surgery is high risk and expensive option, therefore most people choose to wear glasses.

It is true that glasses and contact lenses will immediately improve your eyesight, but keep in mind that this solution does not actually improve your eye performance, it do not cure your eyes, the problems will still remain and will instantly appear when you remove your glasses. Glasses only accommodate the errors due to declining eyes performance by moving the focal point to your abnormal focal point.

Actually, Ophthalmologist have been trying to develop natural ways to improve the performance of the eye so that our eyes performance can get back to normal condition, through specific exercises that are packed in a proper method.

The development of this method has been started since the early 19th century, evolved and enhanced until now.

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