Abbott’s record on mental health stinks. After Uvalde, his talk must come with funding.

If the definition of madness, as the old noticed reminds us, is performing the exact factor around and around and anticipating a distinct end result, then the Next Modification absolutists in the Republican Party are overdue for a psychiatric evaluation. Irrespective of whether it’s Gov. Greg Abbott or Lawyer General Ken Paxton, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz or Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, the Pavlovian reaction to one particular mass shooting immediately after yet another has been, for the longest time, a torrent of “thoughts and prayers” in lieu of any meaningful action to end a national illness that would seem to be acquiring even worse. The drained cliche is a politically practical substitute for performing nothing at all, a dodge the revered theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer would have regarded as a kind of “cheap grace.”

Patrick appears to be to be sticking with the knee-jerk views-and-prayers mantra, but other absolutists who’ve vowed fealty to the National Rifle Affiliation, most likely ashamed by the deadening emptiness of that organization’s reaction, have regrouped all-around “mental health” as the go-to reaction to the desperate concern, “What can this nation, a nation saturated with guns, do about mass shootings?” Whilst the lieutenant governor would seem to be urging his fellow Texans to pray with out ceasing, Abbott has gone mental. His remarks during his second Uvalde push meeting were being usual.

“We as a point out — we as a society — need to do a much better task with psychological health,” he explained. “Anybody who shoots somebody else has a mental wellbeing challenge. Time period. We as a governing administration require to uncover a way to goal that mental overall health obstacle and do anything about it.”